Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning, all! It's cold in the mountains this morning! This is going to be one of those days where I'll be glad to have the oven on (remember a few months ago, where I was making nothing but crockpot meals because it was too hot to heat up the kitchen? Well, not anymore!) I'm glad to be in a warm sweater, in my warm house, and not outside!

The weather in my neck of the woods:  It's supposed to warm up some after today, yay, and the nighttime temps are supposed to warm up a little bit too, which is good. I think all of my plants are inside for the winter now, and it's starting to look a bit like a jungle in here.

Things that make me happy: Sunshine, plants (jungle-ish as they may be), that lovely frost-blanket on the ground in the mornings...going to try to get a picture of it tomorrow morning.

Book I'm reading: "My Sister's Grave" by Robert Dugoni. It's really good, I just need to find more time to read. I'll be re-reading Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" after this, if I ever find time.

On my nightstand: Paper, pen, and highlighters. I need to be planning a grocery excursion, and soon.

The menu for this week: 
Monday: Baked Potato Bar
Tuesday: Angel Chicken
Wednesday: Cube Steak and Potatoes, Green Beans
Thursday: Asian Pork
Friday: Breakfast for Dinner
Saturday: Some kind of vegetable soup (to be decided)
Sunday: Chicken and Red Pepper Spaghetti

New Recipe I want to try: I'll be trying a new way to make the cube steak. Wish me luck!

On my to-do list: *Laundry
                              *Watering the plant jungle, and figuring out the plant placement
                              *Grocery run is a must
                              * I literally have to darn socks, lol
                              * Study for an exam tomorrow

Looking forward to this week: Playing with all of the stuff I got in my Walmart Beauty Box today. Seriously, $5 a box and you get all kinds of coupons and samples! Also, teaching Ella how to darn socks...because she needs to know this stuff.

Looking around the house: It's a jungle in here, ya'll.

Prayer Requests: My parents, my kid brother, my wrists (they don't do well in the cold, thank you car accident from 2012). My patience for people. It's just not where it should be today.

Lesson Learned: People assume some funny things based on the way others look. Also, sometimes, it's just best to take a deep breath and walk away.

Favorite Picture from the week:  

She's growing up so much, and looks more and more like Gabe every day.

Scriptures, Devotionals, Key Verses: 

Have a Blessed Week!!!! 


  1. I am so glad you stopped in today on my blog... with the fairy dust!!! Your blog is so dear... Wishing you the very best in all things... Lovely daughter!!!!!

  2. LOL I always long for fall and even winter, but the first few chilly mornings are hard to transition so I understand your need for warmth!

    Your daughter has such a beautiful smile - great picture.

    Can't wait to hear about your new cube steak recipe - always looking for new ideas.

    Have a great week my friend.

  3. I've started baking again, too! The oven does do a good job of heating the kitchen during and afterward. (Do you open the oven door when you're done baking and the oven is off? All that heat is great!) Baked Potato Bar! I'm a carb-oholic! That sounds awesome! Cheese? Bacon? Sour cream? Yummy! Beautiful young lady there! Happy week!