Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Project Heal: Capture Your Grief: Reach Out

In an effort to ease my hurting heart this Fall, I am participating in Project Heal: Capture Your Grief. It's a photography/storytelling project to honor the babies we've lost.

Day 28: Reach Out 

My husband took this picture of me, about 7 years ago. I had decided that I wasn't going to be silent anymore, and since my firstborn now had a name, I was going to write it. On an ornament. And many others asked me to make one, too.
It was the very first time I felt comfortable enough, in my grief journey, to reach out to other people. And it felt really, really good.
I made some lifelong friends...and then I moved, and then life happened, and I found myself unable to do the Angel Tree...
And this year...after much prayer, I'm ready. I'm ready to reach out to others again. I'm ready to go where God wants me to go and do what I can to help others heal.

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