Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning, all! I'm recovering from a stomach bug...or something. So far, the jury is still out on what's going on. It's either a virus (ugh) or something I ate (double ugh), but I am on the mend and determined not to let this mess up a gorgeous day!

The weather in my neck of the woods: Perfect early fall weather, I need a sweater in the mornings, but not the afternoons. I couldn't be happier. It is gorgeous out there.

Things that make me happy: Recovering from whatever this is, quiet mornings, my little family, kitty footprints on my deck.

On my nightstand: About a million coupons, my kindle, journal, pen and paper.

Meal Plan for the week: 
Monday: Chicken Soft Tacos
Tuesday: Potato Soup
Wednesday: Mexican Lasagna
Thursday: Beef Stew (and I'll finally share my recipe)
Friday: Breakfast for dinner
Saturday: Beef Veggie Soup
Sunday:  Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti
Gabe had the genius idea of making Friday "Breakfast for Dinner" Day...the more days I have "accounted for" in my Meal Planning Notebook (yes, I have one), the better it is. We usually have some kind of pasta dish on Sundays, and soup on Saturdays. I know friends who have things like "Italian Wednesday" and "Crockpot Friday", and it's just one more little thing that helps to keep the sanity in our little house.

On my to-do list:
*Run the dishwasher
*Fold the clean laundry that's in the basket
*Clean the bathrooms
*Move my wire plant-stand inside (it's getting too cold for my plants outside at night)
*Attempt to organize the pantry (hahahahha)

New Recipe I want to try:
This Mexican Chicken Lasagna...I'm going to perfect that this week!!!

Looking forward to this week: 
Helping out at the Soup Kitchen this Saturday. Last month was my first month helping, and it was a blast! I may bring Ella along this week :)

Looking around the house: I really need to move that plant stand in. My coffee table has been taken over by my various plants. Yikes.

Favorite Picture: 
This is Ella's "fake sister", my friend Tessa. I love that she takes time out of her day to be a friend to my Ella :)

Lesson Learned: If someone goes out of their way to tell others what a wonderful person they are, you can pretty much bet they're not  wonderful at all. 

On my mind: My Mom and Dad, this country, the parents of two beautiful twin girls who passed away this morning. 

Devotionals, Scriptures, Key Verses:

Have a blessed week!!! 


  1. Breakfast for dinner sounds like a fun idea! Other than homemade pizza every Sunday while we watch football, we don't have any set meals on a particular weeknight either.
    Your weather sounds just like ours and it's so beautiful! Perfect way to enjoy the season.
    As for spaghetti squash, I just sliced it into rings, placed it on a baking sheet, seasoned it with tons of olive oil, salt & pepper and baked it until tender and I couldn't believe how delicious it turned out! I topped mine with chicken, arugula and parmesan but, apparently (according to my sister anyway ;) there are tons of different ways to eat it!
    Have a blessed week and feel better!

  2. Sure hope you feel better fast! Seems like Fall is always the season where so many catch more bugs. Feel better!

    Enjoy helping at the soup kitchen. I've always enjoyed working at food banks too - so gratifying to reach someone in need on such a basic level.

    Have a great week.

  3. Oh yuck! Feel better my dear Sweetie!
    Love your menu - and even talking about moving plants inside. It means that it's that wonderful cozy time of year. :)

    We must be on the same wave length as we're planning on breakfast for dinner on Friday too! We used to have set days, but I'm terrible about sticking to it. We did meatless Mondays for a while etc. Now I just see if I need it to be an easy week as we're busy, or if it's a week where I can putz around a bit more. I also usually ask my Fam if they have a request, plus need to take into account the days for the in-law's and my FIL's more fussy tastes. Lol

    Love your photo (such Cuties!) and inspiration too!
    Blessings on your week my Friend. xoxo

  4. Mexican Chicken Lasagna sounds so good, yum. I hope you feel better soon.

    Hope you're having a good week.