Monday, March 31, 2014

Desperation in the Kitchen: Baked Potato Bar

Every once in a while, I don't feel like cooking anything fancy and just want something I can throw on the table.

Like a still-frozen pizza with a note attached.

"Bake me. Mom's on leave."

I haven't done that. Yet.

Until the day I do, there's this.

I bake a bunch of potatoes, put them out on the table with a variety of toppings and my husband and daughter think I've fussed over dinner.

Suckers ;)

Baked Potato Bar

*Enough potatoes to feed your family
*Olive oil
*various toppings (whatever your  little heart desires)

Here's What You do:

*Wash your potatoes

*Brush them with olive oil

*Poke them full of holes, using a fork

*Bake at 375 until done (45 minutes to an hour)

*Set them on a plate on your table, and set our various toppings. I have everything from butter to ranch dressing to bacon bits to pizza sauce. Use your imagination!


Ella made a pizza-potato

Gabe usually goes all out with his potatoes and puts everything on them

I tend to do this once a month or so, usually on a Friday. :)

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