Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lessons Learned the Hard Way: On Parenting

This week has been ROUGH, let me tell ya.

From Ella still recovering from this cold/sinus/whatever to me not feeling well to our weather going completely insane here in the great state of North Carolina...

it's been one of those hard-to-homeschool, whiny-kid, snappy-mom weeks.

It all led to me sitting at the kitchen table last night, Bible in hand, thinking, "I am a horrible parent. I suck as a mom." I prayed about it. Asked God to make me better.

This morning, as I left for work, I promised myself..."Today will be different. Today, I will smile instead of snapping. Today, I will listen instead of talking. Today will be better."

When I returned from work, we set right to work on her lessons. My attitude toward Ella today was different than yesterday. Today, I didn't get exasperated. Today, I smiled a lot and didn't snap.

Today, school flew by.

Today, whining was nonexistent.

After school, we went to the library, and read a book about snails. We found out that snails are either "left handed" or "right handed", depending on which way the opening of the shell turns. Most snails, like most people, are right handed. A few snails are left-handed.

We went to the river, and found a (left handed) snail shell. We talked, and reconnected.

Ella told me she loves spending time with me.

Will there be days when I snap? Probably.

Will there ever be a day when I don't love this kid?


Parenthood is so hard sometimes. For both the parent and the child.

As long as you keep your relationship grounded in the Lord and keep in the Bible (we read a nightly devotional together from here) , it will be much easier when things get rough.

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