Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gardening and Randomness

Things have been pretty calm in our little household, other than me trying to figure out the how's and such of the Mother's Day project.

Oh, and I've caught Ella's cold.  Coupled with my allergies, it's a big ball of suckiness. Dad yelled at me for "not taking it easy" (he's kidding, right?) and "acting too much like him" (well, you heard it here first. I am my father's daughter).

But, I press on.

With Ella being pretty sick and miserable this Tuesday (she napped, she never naps), I went and got her some movies, owl stickers and fun stuff to color to make her feel better.

Yesterday, she felt good enough to go out and enjoy the sunshine, so we did some shopping for necessities and then I caved and used my extrabucks at CVS to buy a little bowling game so we could bowl in our hallway. Immature? Yeah, kinda. Fun? You bet!!!

More stuff is growing in our little garden, and now comes the part that I hate: thinning out the seedlings. I hate picking out the little seedlings. Call me crazy, but I feel BAD. I get attached to those little plants. Ok. Maybe I am crazy. Hmmm.




Tomorrow, I have a full day ahead. If Ella is feeling better, I may take her Spring pictures. If not, I still have a million things to do. Oh well. Such is the life of  a mom and wife, right? :)

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