Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Braid Crown: (Korona z Warkoczy): Tutorial and a giveaway!

I have about 7 months to enjoy my daughter's long hair. Mainly, because I don't enjoy mine. The second it starts to get below my shoulders, it begins driving me INSANE.

But Ella's is just so darn pretty that we're always trying to find cool things to do with it.

Today, we tried a Braid Crown. (Korona z Warkoczy is Polish for Braid Crown, and it's what my parents called it when I sent them the picture of her)

Here goes the tutorial...the giveaway comes after :)

What you need for the Braid Crown

*A hairbrush
*bobby pins
*clear elastics
*sea salt spray
*a kid with long hair

And here's what you do.... you divide the hair into two sections, like this...

Braid the sections and secure each with a clear elastic...

Spray both braids liberally with sea salt spray (which I love!)

Pull one braid taut on top of head and pin like so....

...and repeat with other side....

What am I giving away?
A bottle of this....

It's awesome, smells great and gives your hair that pretty, wavy texture that you'd get after a day at the beach. Sigh...I miss the beach.
To enter, all you have to do is comment with why you want this and your email address. 
Will announce a winner Friday afternoon, both via email and on here.
Bear with me, this is the first giveaway I've ever done.
Good Luck :) 


  1. My comment didnt go thru! I need this so I can feel like I'm at the beach. And for some texture!

  2. Hmm, This could be another thing that I could persuade Savanna to let me do. I need bobby pins though. I love the idea, but her hair needs to get a bit longer again :)
    Where do you get the Sea Salt Spray from, does it leave any sticky feeling to the hair. I use a detangler and frizz easing spray on Savanna's hair and it works really well, but sometimes it seems like it leaves a slightly sticky residue almost like a light hairspray :(

  3. Ooooh! I have never heard of their sea salt spray although, I have used this company's products before which I absolutely love! I would love to try this in Kiersten's hair which is getting super long (which she plans on donating as well in the near future.) My hair is also getting extremely wrong and I am running out of ideas for both of us. I would love to donate but since my hair is dyed I don't think I can. My friend told me that there are hair salons that will treat your hair (if it's dyed/damaged) and then you will be able to donate so I am definitely going to look into that. Again, we would love to win the sea salt spray because I love my hair wavy and Kiersten's as well and this style looks super easy to use! Ella looks gorgeous BTW!
    Laura Ruckman Cooper

  4. I have never tried Sea Salt Spray before, but my girls love the after-braid-waves, and it would be cool to see the affects of the Sea Salt Spray.

  5. Neat! I would love this spray because I love the fresh beach looking waves. Would be awesome to get those without having to go to the beach.
    Kristin Brown

  6. I want this because as I was reading this I thought, hmm I have everything but the sea salt spray, and then like you read my mind, a chance to win some! Can't wait to try this on my girls!
    Xoxo - Liz @