Friday, August 8, 2014

Tidbits from This Week

Almost There: my ankle is so, so close to being 100%. I've been advised not to "walk on it, or put weight on it." They're kidding, right? I WORK FOR A LIVING.

Sweet Girls!: The little bff Ella met this summer, Autumn, went back home (a few hours away) for school. Both girls were sad to say goodbye, but they had one last hurrah hanging out at the local park.

And You Thought I was OCD Before: I just finished my September 2014 Meal Plan. Go me!!!!

Sick of it: My hair. I am officially at the point where I hate it. I hate pulling it out of the back of my shirt. I hate that it always gets caught under the strap of my handbag. I.Hate.My.Hair.

I'm In Love: With my summer job. I spent yesterday evening up on a mountain top. Yes, I was weeding a raspberry patch, but it was so quiet, and peaceful....

One More: After 3 years, I am debating a pretty bold pray for me. Pray for us all, actually.

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