Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sometimes, this is what I need.

Sometimes, when everything in the world is just too sad or just too crazy for me to understand, this is what I need.

I need to go to Grandma's house and cut flowers to take home with me.

I need to watch my daughter run around Grandma's yard until she's little more than a blur on camera.

I need to pick out tomatoes from Grandpa's garden.
I need to take pictures of this amazing woman with Ella, so we can look back on them when we move up North and remember that we know some amazing people, our chosen family.

I need to put flowers in my house. To bring the outside inside. And you know what? I need to take pictures of these flowers too.

I need to simplify. To breathe. To slow down and actually LOOK at the world and the people around me. It's far too easy to lose sight of what God puts in front of you.

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