Friday, August 8, 2014

Fridays with Ella: On Compassion


I guess I'm learning a lot of new words this summer. Earlier in the week, Mom asked me if I knew what the word "compassion" meant. I said that it meant to be kind to someone. I was right, but it also means to reach out to people who need a helping hand, and maybe sometimes, just a friend.

Sometimes, on Fridays, Mom and I go shopping and have lunch together. It's usually just the two of us, but today, we decided to invite our  neighbor Ms. Denise. When she told Mom that she didn't really have money to go shopping or buy lunch, Mom and I talked it over and decided to buy Ms. Denise's lunch for her.

We went and shopped for a while,  (Mom bought me an owl umbrella and we got Ms. Denise a pretty purple shirt that she was looking at. It was nice to see her smile when she realized we had paid for it for her) then had lunch at Hibachi Grill, which I loved. Ms. Denise told us she hadn't had Chinese Food in almost four years!

While we were out together today, Ms. Denise kept thanking us and telling us how much fun she had. I guess she was having a pretty bad week this week, and this was exactly what she needed. Someone to reach out to her and be a friend. 

After we came home and Mom and I had a chance to talk, I thought about ways to be compassionate to others and all the ways people have shown compassion to us.

When my Mom was feeling sad after the car accident two years ago, Grandma Jean took her out for lunch, even though it was Grandma's birthday.

When I felt sick a few months ago, my Mom stayed up with me all night, even though she was tired.

When a friend of mine didn't have a Christmas dress, I gave her mine.

I think the world would be a better place if we all would just stop being mean, stop making fun of each other, and just be compassionate.

What Ella wore (and carried)
Dress: Family Dollar
Boots: Zulily
Umbrella: Walmart

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