Friday, August 15, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Farmers and Food


This week, I started school and because I'm homeschooled I learn a lot of different things in a lot of cool places.

My Mom works on a farm a couple of days a week, and she thought it was a good way for me to learn about where my food comes from. So, she brought me along to help her out.

The farm where Mom works is organic. That means that no chemicals were used on any of the fruits or veggies. Sometimes, in order to kill bugs, farmers spray plants with these chemicals. The thing is, these chemicals can be bad for the people who eat the produce.

After reading more about these chemicals, Mom decided that it was best for our family to eat as clean as possible. That doesn't just mean washing our food before we eat it, she says. We're trying to eat as much organic stuff as we can.

At the farm, I picked organic green beans, organic blueberries, and organic raspberries. Even though the organic strawberries are smaller than the ones I see in the store, they taste way better.

This week, I learned a whole lot about how much work goes into keeping a farm, and how much work goes into picking produce! Mom and I picked over 100 pounds of green beans! We even got to take some home. I love green beans!

What Ella wore:
Camo t-shirt: Justice
Hoodie: Justice (but thrifted)
Shorts: Old navy
Shoes: Sketchers

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