Friday, August 29, 2014

Fridays with Ella (and also Girls and Pearls, August edition): Traditions are Important


Today, I'm writing about traditions and covering for my Mom. She's not feeling well.

A lot of families have traditions, or special things that they do together. Some people have Christmas traditions, or Thanksgiving traditions (we have one: we have soup every Thanksgiving because my Mom used to be too afraid of cooking a turkey)

But, some families have other traditions. When my Mom was little, my Pop-Pop (her Dad) would have a big housecleaning party every Saturday and then he would take the whole family to the park.

When we lived in Illinois and my Mom worked at the newspaper, she would take me to the craft store every Friday and give me 5 dollars to buy whatever I wanted. We'd go to the grocery store, too, and eat at Mr. Submarine. I don't remember much of it because I was so little, but I remember buying glow sticks and making ghost noises on our way home.

For now, we live in the country and there aren't any craft stores close by to where we could go out there all the time. Mom came up with a new tradition in May: Girls and Pearls.

Basically, we dress up fancy and go somewhere to eat and maybe shop. It's not so much about where we go, or what we do. It's about spending time together. We've been to McDonald's, a Chinese restaurant, and we've even had a picnic in our living room.

Today, we went shopping for more pearls and went to the Mason Jar, one of our favorite places in town. We heard it's closing this fall, and wanted to go before it did.

We don't do much. We just hang out, and talk. Today, Mom told me about all the times she and my Aunt Gosia would sneak out of the house to go get donuts from a place in Chicago. We laughed a lot and just spent time together. What about you? What are your traditions?
What Ella wore:
Dress: gift, no tag inside (don't know what brand)
necklace and peacock clip: Family Dollar
Shoes: her trusty Sketchers

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