Monday, August 11, 2014

Meal Planning Monday

Sometime last week, I decided to even further my OCD-ness in Meal Planning. I've always done Spaghetti Sundays, and Soup Saturdays, but now I'm adding Crockpot Tuesdays, and Simple Wednesdays.

I also did some cleaning up in my kitchen. Some background: I have virtually ZERO cabinet space in this house. When we move to our next digs (hopefully up North and away from here!), I want more space in the kitchen. Because of my space issue, Grandma Jean took mercy on me and got me a set of shelves where I keep my nonperishable foods. When I'm rushed, the organization there suffers terribly.

That thing up there with the rooster? it's a cookbook rack. It was a Christmas present. Anyway, that's the before picture. Avert your eyes. eek.
Better, right? Oh, and if anyone has ideas as to what I should do with those GIANT cans of pinto beans on the bottom shelf, please let me know!

And: without further ado, the Meal Plan for this week.

Monday: Tostadas
Tuesday: Angel Chicken
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Beef with Broccoli, white rice
Friday: Chicken Cacciatore (wish me luck, I've never made it before)
Saturday: Beef Vegetable Soup
Sunday: Baked Ziti

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