Friday, August 29, 2014

Tidbits from this week

Something New: Ella and I attended Bible Study at a local church other than our home church, and we are in love. With the material we are studying, with the people there and just everything in general. We're not leaving our home church at the moment, but are seriously loving the Bible study!
...And Speaking of....: I just found out that this church has a HOMESCHOOL RESOURCE CENTER! Where has this place BEEN all my life?
Holy Allergies, Batman; Our pine trees are shedding....right on my back deck. I'm lucky I can breathe right now...only a few more months til winter, right?
Random Weirdness: Ella and I saw a spider monkey at Family Dollar today. Yes. It was absolutely real, and it tried to lunge for Ella. Scary!
Girls and Pearls, August: Today, Ella and I had our Girls and Pearls day. I'm going to let Ella write about it in her weekly blog. Partly because it ties in with what she had planned to write, but partly because I feel so awful. (Thanks, allergies!)

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