Friday, August 15, 2014

Tidbits from this week

Yay!: I was finally cleared for exercise this Monday....

Double Yay!: I received a prize from my friend (and Beachbody coach) Brittney. You can find her Facebook  page right here...she's awesome. I got some Shakeology shakes, and the Slim in 6 DVD...just in time to get cleared for exercise! It's been kicking my butt, but in the best way!

Ugh: For the first time since high school, I own a scale. I'm not posting much about it, but I was very wary of buying one for me. In high school, major insecurity led me to starve myself. I'm not going to let the number control me, but it will be nice to keep track of my progress!

Time flies: Ella started 3rd grade this Monday. It's bittersweet because while it's amazing to see her grow up, I'm still not ready to let go. Not ready for 4th grade. Or 5th. Or high school. Lord help me!!!

Exhausted!: Why, you ask? Because I picked over 100 pounds of green beans. Yep. I spent more time on that farm than I did at home. Of course, Ella helped with a fair deal of it.

I'm in love...: I'm going to tell Gabe that when we move, I want, no...I NEED a Blue Heeler dog. There are two on the farm (Tippy and Drippy) and I love them.

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