Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walking On

I remember when Ella first started wanting to walk everywhere with me. I'm above average height for a woman, and to see this tiny little girl trying to walk beside me must have been comical for anyone who was watching us.

I loved those walks. I loved showing her my Italian neighbor's extensive flower garden. I loved taking her to the dollar store and letting her pick out a treasure.
Now, Ella is this beautiful, impossibly long-legged 8 year old. And for the time being, she loves to walk and talk with me, still. Our walks have taken on more serious topics these days.
"Mom, why are people so terrible to each other?"
"Mom, I hope my friend gets saved and comes to church."
"Mom, do you think I'll ever get married?"
The passage of time has been heavy on my mind as of late. I've been thinking of Ella's baby days more and more often. Pictures like the one above reduce me to a crying, teary mess.
What to do at a time like that? It's so tempting to give in to the tears, you know? To cry myself out.
Instead...I'm choosing to ask God for as much time with Ella as He will allow. We have to walk together, as far as we can. Because one day, I'll have to let her walk on without me.

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