Friday, October 24, 2014

Tidbits from this week

Slowly but surely: Gabe is recovering from his cold. Woo-hoo! I hate to see him sick.

Girls and Pearls, October: It happened today. Stay tuned for post :)

Indian Summer, ya'll!: Seriously, the weather around here could NOT be prettier. I plan on enjoying every day of this loveliness.

Look!  The return of the couples selfie: I'm not good at keeping up with this, am I?

Whoot!: Ella got a package from her big cousins. It was full of clothes, and PRAISE GOD for that, because she is outgrowing everything.

Reason #90832 why my Dad rocks: I found out he has been calling others who were in recovery with them, checking up on them and praying with them. Wow!

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