Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pantry Purge Update: This is the post where I pawn beans off on my neighbor

Yep. You read that right.

I took those giant cans of pinto beans (don't worry, I still have plenty of dried pintos) and brought them over to my neighbor, D, along with some carnation instant breakfast, some tea and some applesauce and corn muffin mix as well as Vitamin E. (what an assortment, huh?)

D says she will swap some stuff out for me, which of course will mean that I will have a few more things on my pantry shelf. The wonderful thing is that D has really awesome stuff which disappears super-quickly, AND it won't be two ginormous cans of pinto beans.
In an effort to further purge the pantry, I've pulled out some cans and a box of Bisquick from the depths of my cupboards in order to make chicken pot pie. It's slow going but it is progress, and it warms my heart!!!!!
My stove top needs to be scrubbed. And I will get to it. One day....
In the meanwhile, here's the latest pic of my progress, whoo hoo!
I am starting to see a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, ya'll!

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