Monday, October 6, 2014

Pantry Purge AND Meal Plan Monday: This is the post where I (don't) bake cookies

This has been quite the weekend. For one, my husband was actually OFF so that's where most of my time was spent. That and church. And dealing with other people's phone issues, because apparently I am a techie (who knew?)

Meal Plan for this week is:

Monday: Porcupine Meatballs over Egg Noodles
Tuesday: Baked Potato Bar
Wednesday: Ramen Stir Fry
Thursday: Pork Tacos
Friday: Chicken fettucine
Saturday: Beef vegetable soup
Sunday: Spaghetti

Update from the battlefront: Remember all of that applesauce I had? Due to the popularity of my applesauce puffs, I believe I am down to two cans! I didn't dip them in melted butter or sugar and cinnamon this weekend, so they were "naked applesauce puffs". They got eaten anyway.

I added a ton of extra cinnamon to the naked applesauce puff batter, because why not?

I also managed to use up a box of shell pasta that had been sitting in my pantry for way too long.

I also no-baked cookies because I have all.that.peanut.butter and all.those.quickoats. The only thing I can think of to make using both of those things that actually appeals to my appetite is no-bake cookies.

My recipe for no-bakes comes from this awesome site .
Again, I don't have a shelf picture to show ya'll. Tomorrow, I promise.

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