Monday, October 13, 2014

Meal Plan Monday and An Explanation

**Tidbits From This Week and Fridays with Ella will return this week

I was not at all well this week. It started off as something like a sinus infection on Friday morning and very quickly went downhill. By Saturday morning I could barely open my left eye.  Antibiotics and lots of rest and I'm finally well enough to venture outside of my bed. I think I gave poor Gabe quite the scare, but I'm ready to face this week now!

Neither Ella or I blogged this weekend. I was sick and she insisted on taking care of me. I spent most of Saturday in bed, only emerging long enough to make dinner. Gabe actually did most of the laundry and housework, despite the fact that he had to work all weekend and for that I am most grateful.

Yesterday, I felt well enough to be up and about during the late afternoon, so Ella and I kicked back and watched movies and had quality mother-daughter time.

Since I'm very close to 100%, I expect to be back to doing everything I normally do.

Here's the Meal Plan for this week:

Monday: Taco Soup
Tuesday: Asian Pork and Broccoli
Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday: Ham, Potatoes, and Green Beans Dinner
Friday: Chicken and Rice
Saturday: Pizza Soup
Sunday: Chicken Spaghetti

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