Friday, October 3, 2014

Tidbits from this week.

So, my sanity has suffered minimally this week. (yay!)

Poor Guy: Gabe is dealing with a cough/cold (aka the man flu). I kid, I kid. He hates not feeling well, and I hate it for him. Say a little prayer for him, please?

Thirty-one: No, I'm not selling bags. It's my birthday and I am thirty-one years old. I was greeted by a handmade card from my little girl, a big gushy love speech from my awesome husband, a big box from my sister (in law) and my mother-in-law...and then I was serenaded by a town deputy. All in all, pretty awesome.

Leaves!: The leaves are changing!!!

Whooo's excited?: My Ella. Why? Because she got her night owl clip from Lilla Rose today.

True story!: I walked past my kitchen shelves and NOTHING FELL ON ME. Progress, people!

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