Thursday, October 30, 2014

What We Wore Wednesday (on a Thursday): Don't lose your sparkle. (also the post where I wear a nightgown to church)

This week, so far, we have donated three bags of clothes to a local thrift store that helps a local group home for differently abled adults. I've had some computer issues so I've been dealing with that, but I'm here today to post.

Since I was a kid, I've loved things that sparkle. This often led me to clash with my mother, and get some pretty harsh critiques. At a clothing swap the year Ella was one, I bought a green sequined tank top that my boss at the time told me looked like something a figure skater would wear. And you know what? It probably did. But you know what else? I loved that top. Ella did too.

Last weekend, Ella, Grandma Jean, and I went to the thrift store. I spotted something sparkly and my first thought was "Oh! I have to have it!" Picking it up off the hanger, I saw that it was a partly see-through nightgown (yikes). A couple thoughts ran through my mind

1) I guess this is supposed to be enticing to one's looks itchy

2) It's awfully see through

3) I bet it itches to wear

4) Did I mention I think it will itch?

I ended up buying it (for a whopping 50 cents), washing it, and wearing it with a tank top underneath and a sweater over it (because, hello, sequins and nylon thread= ITCHING)

Long story short: don't let anyone pigeonhole you into what you "need" to be wearing. If it's modest (and yes, I made that see through thing modest) and you are bringing glory to Christ, by all means, WEAR IT.

What I Wore:
Nightgown: (worn as top) Thrifted
Tank top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old navy
Black Pants: Gap
Shoes: Marie brand

What Ella Wore:
Sparkly white/yellow top: The Children's Place, thrifted
Jeans: Wrangler brand, bought at Rose's/Maxway
Crazy Socks: Christmas gift
Shoes: Thrifted
Hat: Made by a friend
Owl flexi (worn as a hat clip): Lilla Rose

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