Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pantry Purge Update: I think I need a blowtorch, ya'll.

Seriously. A blowtorch. Maybe an outdoor storage shed? (But then again, the latter wouldn't exactly be me purging or using stuff. It would be moving it from one location to another).

I think this project deserves more than a week. Because holy moly, do I have a lot of stuff.

I have way too many:

*jars of peanut butter
*bags of rice
*open bags of pasta with maybe a handful left at the bottom (but they're all different shapes)
*cans of green beans
*cans of sweet peas (how the heck did I get so many?!)

and then there's the odd stuff:
*2 gigantic cans of pinto beans
*Campbell's tomato soup (I'm sure I got that in a swap because I never eat canned tomato soup)
*way too much oatmeal for any of us to humanly eat for breakfast (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?)

So, if any of you lovely blog readers could help me with recipes/anything, please do! Ella and I are already planning on using some of our peanut butter surplus to make pinecone bird feeders.

Tonight's dinner helped me get rid of two cans of green beans. PROGRESS!!!

After some creative organizing, my formerly horrific kitchen shelf looks a bit less horrific.

I'm working on it, ya'll! Will check in again in a few days. In the meanwhile, I need suggestions for what to do with any/all you see on my shelf. Hopefully, I can get organized with minimal blowtorch use!

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