Friday, September 12, 2014

Fridays with Ella: The Grocery Store and the stuff you learn there

Sometimes, I really miss home. I was raised in the Chicago area for the first four years of my life.
One of the things that my Mom and I used to do there was to go to the grocery story together every Friday.

I don't remember a whole lot of that time, because I was so little, but I remember going through all the aisles with my Mom and waiting in line to buy chicken meat for fajitas. Mom usually made fajitas on Saturdays. I asked her if she remembered today, and she was surprised that I remembered.

Lately, Mom does the big grocery shopping by herself, because it's her break time. Her alone time. I come along on the little trips, usually. But, today, I missed home and I missed those trips she and I would take to the store. So, I asked Mom if I could hang out with her today and if we could go to the grocery store.

I wrote Mom's list for her today, something I couldn't do when I was little. It was nice to wander around the store, with no big hurry to get anywhere. It was nice to eat free sample watermelon, too! That's one thing that Mom and I have in common. We always get the free sample watermelon.

Mom and I walked around the store and bought all the things on our list, and some stuff that wasn't. A song came on and Mom told me about how it made her cry when she was younger. I asked why and she told me it was because she dated a really mean guy and the song made her think of how mean he was, even when she was dating him. I'm glad she married my Dad, and not someone mean.

We met a man at the store who spoke some Russian and Mom was able to have a short conversation with him. He knew some French words too, including the names of vegetables, and I know those, too.

It's amazing what you can learn, even at the store, if you just stop and pay attention.

What Ella wore:
tunic top: Thrifted
leggings: The Children's Place
purple flip flops: Osh Kosh

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