Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tidbits from this week...a day late.

Why am I late? Because some days simply move way too fast for me to blog. Family time becomes more important.

Fall is here: Literally. In full swing. Leaves falling. Cooler weather. Awesomeness!!!!

And Speaking Of... We got our first pumpkin of the season, courtesy of Grandpa Bruce. Ella picked it out, of course :)

This is why neither Ella nor I blogged yesterday:

Two words: Family Time.

Not really an update, but.... I love working for Lilla Rose! I finally have a hair accessory that doesn't fall, slip or slide out of my hair. Not to mention, it actually makes for MORE family time with Miss Ella!

This is not easy to write: It's also the first time I've done this. After three years, I left the church I attended here in NC. It's the first time I'd ever been in a church this long, not counting the church I attended as a kid in Poland. It's also the first time it hurt my heart to leave a church. However, after much prayer, I know that God is leading me where He wants me to be. We are currently attending another wonderful church with lots of sweet fellowship and are very happy, even though we miss many friends.

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