Monday, September 15, 2014

Meal Plan Monday and a Request

Ya'll, just pray.

Pray for a man I know who was in a car wreck today. He is currently in surgery.

Pray for my friend's father. They found more spots on his lungs.

Pray for one another. We all need it.

Pray for this country. The government. This world.

So much heartbreak.

But there is hope too.

A friend of mine is pregnant again after a series of miscarriages.

My father is cancer-free.

A sweet lady found love again after a horrific divorce.

There are moments like this....

Here is our meal plan for this week:
Monday: Pork chops, potato wedges, and a salad
Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday: Chicken and rice
Thursday: Macaroni and cheese casserole
Friday: Chicken and veggie noodle soup
Saturday: Potato soup and sandwiches
Sunday: Chicken spaghetti

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