Friday, September 5, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Simple Stuff


This week, I did  a bit of simple, old fashioned stuff.

I accidentally dripped Go-gurt on the brown dress that my Mom got at the sale last week, and the label says "hand wash only."

So, I learned how to hand wash things.

That's my dress drying on the railing on our deck.

There was also a huge stain on the blue sash of the dress that we didn't even know about. But it came out!

My mom told me that she didn't get a washer or dryer until she was about 7. That means all of  her laundry was done by hand!
Mom and her siblings used a washboard and river water, and powdered detergent.

I used dish soap and a washtub and water from the hose.

After the dress, we hand-washed my pink skirt. I spilled chocolate milk on it. All the stains came out, and it was a lot of fun AND we saved money on the energy that would have been used by our washer and dryer.

Sometimes, the simple stuff really is the best. Sometimes, I wish we didn't have all this electronic junk clogging up our lives. Sometimes, I like to turn off the TV and the computer and the washing machine and just go outside.

What Ella wore
Pink Dress: hand-me-down
Flip-flops: Consignment

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