Friday, September 5, 2014

Tidbits From This Week

This week has been INSANE. Monday happened twice this week, on both Monday and what I've lovingly referred to as Muesday. We had some major septic issues in the neighborhood, and while that was being dealt with, I went to work only to find out there were major electrical problems out there, bleh.

Here's what ELSE happened over the last 7 days.

**Good deals!: We hit up a consignment sale last Saturday. I was able to get some really awesome things for Ella, including this dress.

**Yay! except not really...: I've actually been able to read some! (because these allergies have me in bed with a book by 10 sometimes, boooooo)

**Feeling at home: Ella and I have continued to attend Bible Study at Faith Baptist, and we continue to love it!

**They're so crafty:  Gabe and Ella have done a lot of crafting together, which is super awesome what with  me feeling horrible and all. It's so fun to see Ella's sense of humor shaping up to be exactly like Gabe's.

**Prayers, please: I've got a very important meeting coming up this week, and it could mean some AWESOME changes for our little family, so pray! :)

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