Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fridays with Ella, on a Saturday: Quality Time

Yesterday, I didn't post on here.
My Mom didn't either.

Instead, we hung out together around the house. We did schoolwork, played with kittens, watched TV, hung out with my Dad and thought about everything but posting on the blog.

Dad had a day off from work yesterday and even though he isn't feeling good and was trying to relax, he still spent time with us and showed us that we were loved.

When Mom was studying a Sunday School lesson, Dad took me to buy dinner and we bought a brain mold for the freezer. Dad said it was something for us to do together.

I played in the backyard until late while Mom and Dad sat on the deck and talked and laughed.

To most people it probably doesn't look like we did a whole lot yesterday, but to me, we did. We took time to slow down and spent quality time together. My Mom went out and ran errands extra early so she would have time to spend with us. My Dad took me with him on all the errands he had to run so he wouldn't miss out on time with me. And then we all hung out together. I would rather have that than a rushed vacation somewhere.

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