Friday, June 27, 2014

Tidbits from this Week

Ugh! Mosquitoes!: This summer is already full of creepy-crawlies and Ella has already been bitten a handful of times. Anyone with natural remedies for mosquito bites, please let me know.

Summer Reading, Arts and Crafts: Ella has started the library summer reading program this week. There is a craft and then afterwards, kids have the option of staying for the Summer Lunch Bunch, and bring a sack lunch. This week, the kids made fish prints (from art store rubber fish, thank heavens).

A little concerned: While we were at the summer reading program, a boy (possibly named Alex, I'm so bad with names) stuck pretty close to Ella. He didn't say much, he just smiled a lot and let her go in front of him in EVERY line...Gabe says NO BOYS! I'm a bit concerned...she is only 8. MaybeAlex (lol) is maybe 10. Surely that is too young to have a crush on a little girl, right? RIGHT?

Ella and MaybeAlex.

See? There he is again.

Getting rid of clutter:  Do ya'll know what a 27 Fling is? Every week, my aim will be to get rid of 27 things that I don't need anymore, either by tossing them out in the trash or giving them to someone who needs them.

Summer of Reading: I think the summer that I fell completely in love with reading was the year before I entered fifth grade. Ella is two years ahead of me. Her head is always in a book.

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