Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Chaos

That's where my life is right now. Other than the usual mini-worries, life has been plugging along quite nicely for us. It's officially summer now, and life is full of library visits, river outings, bike rides...

I'm busy. We all are. The housework literally waits until Ella is in bed, asleep.

Dinners can either be takeout, or a whole complicated affair, but everything is in a blurry state of happy chaos.

Ella is involved in a summer arts program. We stay out til late riding bikes, or exploring the countryside. I fall into bed exhausted every night, but I know that these are the days she's going to remember, and the fact that I never remember doing any of this with my own mother drives me to do better.

So, my blogging may or may not suffer. Gabe is understanding and knows this little blog is my outlet, and so he always finds a way to give me the time to keep up with it.

That's where our life is.

And yes, I totally burned that burner cover. Whoops.

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