Friday, June 20, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Week 1

*side note from Jo: These are my daughter's thoughts and opinions. Keep in mind, she is only 8, and for an 8 year old, it's kind of a big deal to talk about modesty. Please keep unkind opinions to yourself. Again, she is only 8.*

My name is Ella, and I'm 8.

This has been on my mind a lot lately.

I think that little girls should dress modestly because the Bible says that's what they should do. Dressing modestly makes Jesus proud of what you wear.

I don't think that a girl needs to show her entire body to prove that she is pretty. It's important to keep your body covered because you don't want someone to see you naked. Sometimes, people wear things that are almost exactly like being naked.

Today, I wore a pink shirt that's sheer, but I wore an undershirt under it, because otherwise I would feel pretty naked.  

I hope that whoever reads this gets something out of it, and I hope it makes them think about dressing more modestly.


What Ella wore:

Pink ruffle shirt: Thrifted, Faded Glory Brand
White undershirt: Thrifted
Blue Jeans: Wrangler Brand, bought at Rose's (or Maxway, in some parts of the country)
Shoes: Gift from Grandmother, Skechers Brand

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