Friday, June 20, 2014

Tidbits from this Week

I kind of feel like we are getting back into the swing of things! The house is (slowwwly) getting to where I want it. I even found my mosquito screen while cleaning up around the kitchen, whoot!

Here's what else happened at our house this week.

Accomplished: This week, I mastered, the fishtail braid. Yes, it's a small little thing. Yes, I'm very impressed with myself.

A promise: I just realized that the "Gabe and Jo" folder on the laptop has very few pictures in it. Whoops. I'm going to have to remedy that. And so, I'm promising myself that I will take at least one new picture of us every week.

Pen Pal: Ella will be writing to my friend's daughter, K. When I was a young girl, I wrote to a friend of mine in a notebook that we mailed back and forth.

All by myself: Due to the high stress level in my life, I've decided to take half an hour a day to just be by myself, with my camera.

Proud of my girl: Ella asked me the other day, "Mom, is it ok if I say something on your blog? About modesty?" She is only 8 years old. So, every Friday, in addition to Tidbits I will be featuring some words from Ella, as well as an outfit she feels is modest and pretty.

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