Friday, June 27, 2014

Fridays with Ella: Helping Others


This week, I learned about the JOY way of thinking.
First, you should think about Jesus.
Then, Others.
Then, Yourself.

We should be praying everyday.
We should be helping other people.

I found out this week about a little girl who had to leave her house and had no clothes. We were able to help her get some clothes.

I got some new clothes from a friend of my Mom's. This girl needed them more than I do, so I gave them to her.  We were able to give a little bit of everything, even dressy skirts and a bathing suit. Every little girl needs those things. I hope she likes them. We're going through the rest of my clothes to see what else we can give her.

If you ever have the chance to help someone, you should help. It doesn't take much out of our time, and when someone isn't able to do something for themselves because they are sick or disabled, it's our responsibility to help them.

When my friend Ms. Lora was sick, Mom and I helped her by going to her house, and cooking for her. Even though she died, I will never forget visiting her home and how helping her made me feel good, too.

What Ella wore:

Heart dress: thrifted, Bonnie Jean brand
shoes: thrifted.

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  1. Ella, you are such a sweet soul! I wish the world could be a LOT more like you. I only pray that I will have children with a heart like yours someday!