Monday, May 11, 2015

Why Meal Planning Monday isn't Happening This Week

Because I'm literally NOT cooking. As in, anything. I bought a lovely assortment of microwave-able meals and stuff for sandwiches.

I think I've mentioned how much I despise moving, yes?

I would honestly rather stub my toe on a suitcase (done it!), burn my arm on a light bulb (done that too) than to pack up a house (especially a kitchen). But here we are again.

This is the new house. Gabe and a family friend brought over two truckloads of stuff. I'm here at the new place because I have a work meeting...and I have to make some sense of all of these boxes. Gabe and Ella are across town at the old place, packing up the last of our stuff.

So, in short, I won't be cooking this week. Don't judge. You wouldn't either. Instead, I'll be decorating...

and then taking pictures of the prettiness near my house....

I actually cannot wait to cook and break this kitchen in, the meanwhile, say a prayer for my sanity...cause...once again (say it with me, ya'll) "I HATE MOVING!"

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