Saturday, May 9, 2015

General Chaos Update, Early May 2015

Earlier today, I was in the kitchen of the old house, looking through to the living room. Boxes have completely taken up the bay window area. I debated taking a picture....but ya'll have already seen my house covered up in boxes....

and it kind of looks pretty much like that. The walls are a different color (darker brown), but I'll let your imagination fill that in. Did I ever tell you I hate moving? I did? Well, let me say it again. I.Hate.Moving. Buuuut...I have never in my life been as glad to move as I am now. I LOVE our new house.

This is the new kitchen. With a STOVE, ya'll.
All of that aside, I'm surviving. Mother's Day is tomorrow. I have some sweet cards on my fireplace mantel, and that has to be enough for now. In a week and a day, I will celebrate one girl's birthday and miss another girl terribly. The 10 year milestone hasn't hit me yet. Not as hard as it maybe should.
Say a prayer for me if you can spare one, please?

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