Friday, May 29, 2015

10 Truths from Today....stolen from my sis

Of course, ya'll know very well that my sis blogs here and that we routinely steal stuff from one another....

So, here goes. Ten Truths from Today.

1) Helping others always helps me.

2) This is not my week. Emotions are everywhere, all over the place.

3) Grief is a horrible thing. No matter how many years out you are, it's horrible and it sucks.

4) I know every word to "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," and I'm proud of that fact.

5) I need to be praying more. About everything.

6) I have a temper. Good Lord, do I have a temper. Not the kind of temper where I absolutely snap and blow up (that's happened maybe three times in my 31 years), but the kind where I hold stuff in and let it stew. I need to be working on this. Bigtime.

7) Sometimes, the stuff we dream about when we are kids is the stuff we're meant to do as adults. More on that later.

8) There are people who believe in me. There are people who are willing to listen to me yell and rant and scream. There are people who believe in me so much they are willing to stand up for me.

9) I miss home. Big time.

10) My 9 year old and I have some odd conversations, and I'm pretty sure we scare some people.

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  1. <3 it & you & E & Gabe tons sis!!! I can't wait till we are ALL back home again!