Saturday, May 16, 2015


TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the newest member of our little family. 
After Sparrow's disappearance, I wasn't sure I'd have room in my heart for another cat. Butterscotch and Star were adopted by a lady in my old neighborhood after the death of her beloved cat. Ella and I are big fans of going to the Humane Society in town and one day Gabe said, "Why don't you get a cat? Another tuxedo. That may do you good." 

I ran into a Humane Society staff member in town and asked if they had any tuxedo cat and he said "Well, there's Tom." The next day, Ella and I went to see Tom and we fell in love!

Tom came home today, and we've all adjusted pretty well. Except for me having to move Hawkeye (our fish) so he's out of Tom's reach. 

We're still unpacking stuff, but it's much more cheerful with Tommy Cat around :)

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