Thursday, May 14, 2015

We're Here! Also: Superman and a Sprained Wrist (and a Lilla Rose sale)

We're here! We're here! I am typing up this post from the master bedroom in the new house. It's 11:34 (eastern time) and it's so quiet I can actually hear the frogs from across the street. It's been an exhausting day, but we're finally here and we're here to stay!

My husband is Superman. Seriously. he had a mouth/earache last night and it gave him so much trouble, but he came home and packed the rest of the house up like a champ. I did what I could, but with a sprained wrist it wasn't easy.

Yes, that's my massive collection of Lilla Rose products in the background. That reminds me!!!!

Lilla Rose is having a sale! 10% off their new gorgeous Color Basics line and free shipping on orders over $40. It ends at Midnight Pacific time May 15th (that's tomorrow!) So go here and buy something lovely! Also, if you've ever thought of selling Lilla Rose products, now is totally the time!

If I've never told ya'll before, I love this company. I borrowed the $50 to buy the startup kit from Gabe and it's paid itself back over and over. I even called the home office with a question once and John Dorsey, the CEO answered the phone! He was super sweet and it totally made my day. Not to mention, I love and believe in the product I'm selling!

Enough gushing for now...

Just a few pictures to show you....

The house looks like this....but that's ok. Tomorrow, I shall unpack.

That little swatch of hair is my daughter, wrapped up like a burrito.

...and Superman has finally called it a day :)

I'm exhausted but ridiculously happy to be here! Night all!!!

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