Friday, May 16, 2014

Tidbits from This Week

What's gone on in our household this week:

Weaning: We're weaning kittens! So far, so good!

Homemaking Binder: This week, I looked around my house, realized all that I had to do and became extremely overwhelmed. I read about Homemaking Binders on this blog, and decided to give it a shot. My binder is a simple (bright pink so it doesn't get lost) binder with sheet protectors that contain chore schedules and such. More on that another time.

New Goal: I've decided that within the next six months, I WILL fit into my college jeans, darn it. I've already survived one exercise challenge and am in the middle of another one. I feel fantastic, but those jeans are my first major big huge, jump-up-and-down goal.

Peace: Tomorrow, my daughters will be one year older. Usually, I am beside myself. This year, I am not. I am fulfilled. I am joyful. Yes, I have had moments of weepiness, but that is to be expected. The panic attacks are gone. God has granted me peace and grace this year. I want to celebrate my daughters. Both of them.

Milestone: In exactly five months, Ella and i will be donating our hair to Wigs for Kids and Beautiful Lengths, respectively. My hair is officially the longest it has been since I was pregnant with Ella.

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  1. Happy birthday to both your baby girls. So happy to hear that you are doing so much better. God is an amazing God. I bet your daughter is getting the biggest birthday party ever in heaven. Keep going strong. Always remember to smile.