Monday, June 1, 2015

Savannah's Gift

For the last few days, I've had the overwhelming urge to introduce you all to Savannah Fayth.

Savannah Fayth is the fourth child, and third daughter of one of my best friends, Thera.

Savannah has beautiful blonde hair and sparkly eyes and her smile lights up a room.

Savannah would be 7.  Her birthday just passed. Balloons were released by Thera, her husband, and Savannah's siblings,

She drowned in a tragic accident.

But, you see...

Savannah leaves behind a legacy

Savannah's Gift.

Savannah's Gift provides stuffed animals for children who are transported by EMS.

Imagine if you were a child, injured, possibly being life-flighted to a hospital. You'd probably be scared. I've only been at the hospital a handful of times in my life, most of them as an adult, and I was scared. A stuffed animal is a huge source of comfort for an ill or injured child. Savannah's gift takes donations of stuffed animals and puts them into the hands of these precious kids.

Also, God forbid a child passes away. Sometimes, that stuffed animal is the only thing that parents have left.

How many of you have stuffed animals sitting around your house? They're in good condition, but just don't see much use? Savannah's gift would love your donation. They ask that the animals be small to medium, nothing large. Keep in mind, these stuffed animals are going in a helicopter or an ambulance. Also, no hard parts other than eyes. They are meant to be soft and comfortable. And, please, nothing that makes noise. An ambulance or a helicopter is hectic enough.

The best way to contact Savannah's Gift is through their Facebook page, here. Be sure to contact either Scott, or Thera Rhodes (Savannah's parents) and they will tell you where to send the stuffed animals.

I never met Savannah. Thera and I met on a website for Moms who have lost their babies. Her friendship means the world to me. Savannah means the world to me. This organization does so much good. Please, donate. Please, spread the word. Help grieving parents keep their daughter's Memory Alive.

Thank you. If even one donation will be made from reading this post, if even one child receives a stuffed animal and the comfort it will be worth it.

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