Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning!

I'm sitting down, enjoying what may be my only silent time today. Oh, well, my life is blessed, and the quiet all the time would probably drive me insane.

On the breakfast plate:  a slice of vanilla pound cake. Before you judge, I literally cannot stomach breakfast food early in the morning. Ask my Daddy, who also would rather have a sandwich or something rather than scrambled eggs.

The weather in my neck of the woods: PERFECT. Highs in the low 70's, lows in the 50's. YES.

Things that make me happy: Quiet mornings. Plants. The aforementioned vanilla poundcake.

Menu for this week: Last week, it was so hot, I totally veered off the Meal Planning Track simply because I just couldn't deal with heating up a kitchen. Back to my regularly scheduled kitchen slavery this week ;)
Monday: Potato Soup (in the crockpot)
Tuesday: Hamburger Helper (Crunchy Taco, Ella's request)
Wednesday: Baked Chicken and veggies, couscous
Thursday: Ground turkey taco bake
Friday: Gabe's choice, Mama needs a day off!
Saturday: Fourth of junk food, of course ;)
Sunday: Chicken Carbonara

What's on my TV today: I promised Ella we'd watch a movie tonight, after my work training call/the million others things I need to do, so that.

Looking around the house: I'm reminded of the fifty million things I need to accomplish today. Somehow, I will do it!

On my to-do list: EVERYTHING. Seriously.

New recipes I tried or want to try soon: Absolutely nothing. Last week, it was all I could do to microwave something. Even thinking about cooking made the temperature jump in here, lol!

In the craft basket: Headbands, still. And Ella and I are going to be painting planters for my ever growing plant collection sometime this week.

Looking forward to this week: Fireworks!

Tips and Tricks: Oh my goodness, I got nothing. Well, except this: set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and take some time for yourself.

My favorite blog post this week: THIS, on raising a child with disabilities.

Blog Hopping: Lisa's Blog . I ordered some rings from her this month, and I became totally captivated with her son David's story.

No words needed: 

Lesson Learned the last few days: People will always judge. They will always criticize. That's on them, not on me.

On my mind: Dad, my massive neverending to do list, this messed up world.

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  1. That weather does sound perfect! It's hotter than blazes here. Off to check out those blogs you recommended. Have a great week.