Saturday, June 20, 2015

Garden Update and Tomato Count

Despite the insane weather we have (way too hot, then torrential downpours, etc), the tomatoes are doing very very well!

The plant reaches almost to Ella's knee now. Considering that those plants almost died before I had a chance to put them into the ground, I think that's awesome!

We currently have 57 tomatoes! Yup, 57!!!

The rest of my veggies are doing well, too....although I am worried about my Walmart reject pepper. (bell pepper) It didn't look all that great when I bought it, but that big green pepper on it is hanging in there.

My cubanelles are doing well. I didn't photograph anything but the psychocactus, herbs, and the bell peppers because we had a bout of high winds and I had to move everything inside AND help Ella with her Father's Day present for Gabe.

Never a dull moment here.

...until next time :)

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