Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Garden Update/Tomato Count

I am so stinkin' excited. This is the first house we've lived in in this state that we are able to have a garden. Yes, we have our shared spot at the Community Garden, but this little patch is OURS, and Ella and I are very proud to care for it.

Well, actually, we have the tomato patch and then the stuff in pots on my deck (which apparently we will be adding to...I'm a sucker for plants.)

I've had terrible luck with tomatoes. Like, when I lived in TX and they.all.DIED. I thought I was going to have to live vicariously through Grandpa Bruce's tomato garden (which is fine, because come on, it's amazing), and I was really hesitant to start my own garden. But then we ended up with plants from one place, and then our new neighbor gave us a few more...and...well....

Our landlord is awesome and is letting us use some space in front of his house to have our tomato patch. Thank you, Tony :)

Ella and I have been tracking the progress of the tomatoes and man, have they grown!!!

The first picture was taken 5 days ago, and the one in striped socks is today. No, the socks don't match. Nope, I don't care ;)

Oh, and we went out there and counted baby tomatoes today.

There are 22. If things keep going the way they are going, we will have plenty to share :) :) :)

Our other plants are doing well, too. I'm a bit worried about a bell pepper I got at Wal-mart. It didn't look that great to begin with, but it has one bell pepper already on it....

See? The leaves don't look that great....

...but there's new growth and it looks better.

I've also noticed that some sort of insects had been chomping on the leaves of my peppers.

So I mixed up some soapy water and sprayed the leaves. I hope it works!!!

My psychocactus is still...well, psycho.

and my aloes have gotten taller since I got them, I think...

First shot was from 6 days ago, last shot now.

Again, I'm so excited to be gardening!

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