Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

I'm late putting this up, but today has kind of been an odd day. Most weeks, I get the early morning hours of a Monday to myself. Clearly, this was not the case today. Taking a third job and going back to school has seriously shaken up my schedule, but I'm doing what's best for my family.

Here we go!!!!!

The weather in my neck of the woods: HAWT! Not just hot, but HAWT. holy moly.

Things and people that make me happy: My husband. Our daughters (both of them). My sisters. Grilled chicken, which I'm pretty sure I could eat all day. Getting pretty things in the mail. The view off my deck.

Menu for this week:  Despite this school/home/3 jobs insanity, I am committed to meal planning. Except today. Ingles deli is cooking for me today. The rest is as follows.
Tuesday: Angel Chicken, pasta.
Wednesday: Fajitas
Thursday: Chicken dippers, roasted potatoes
Friday: French Bread Veggie Pizzas
Saturday: Goulash
Sunday: Spaghetti

What's on my TV today: Movie day with Ella. I'm feeling massive Mom guilt over taking on so much. I know that ultimately it is for the best...but I'm feeling like I'll miss out on all my time with her...which is ridiculous, because I do homeschool and my jobs are very flexible, but gah! Hormones!

Looking around the house: I have a kitchen to scrub. Groaaaaan.

On my to do list: Scrubbing the kitchen
                              Pick up dinner
                              Haul off the trash

New Recipe I tried or am trying soon: I got nothing. Sorry!

In the craft basket: Oh my gosh, everything! Mainly, the final two headbands and a dress of Ella's I need to take in.

Looking forward to this week: School! I am so very excited to finally be pursuing my dream job!

Tips and Tricks:  From my friend Elizabeth, who needs a blog...epsom salts to rescue a houseplant. I'm using this tip to bring a peace lily back to life.

My favorite blog post this week: This post , from a sweet lady named Hannah, a fellow loss Mama. I love all of her writings, but this one really spoke to me.

Blog Hopping: Southern Plate , which I originally found on Pinterest, after looking up how to freeze tomatoes. There are some awesome looking recipes on there!!

No Words Needed: 

Lesson Learned the past few days: Sometimes, situations aren't worth discussing. People aren't worth your time sometimes. Hard work always pays off.

On my mind: Work. School. Sanity.

Devotionals, Scripture, Key Verse: 

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