Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meal Plan Monday (on a Wednesday) And Some Other Randomness

Yup, I'm two days late with my post. I apologize. It's been insane here (when isn't it?) and I've been so, so, so busy! 
I've been doing the somewhat decaffeinated thing and I'm back on the weight loss train. I didn't ever really mean to get off that train, but we ended up having to do a sudden move and all that stress makes it oh so easy to stop paying attention to what you are eating. Bleh.

I've been drinking lots of water, and I think my skin is better for it. I actually looked in the mirror today and thought "oh, yay!"

To keep myself accountable, I am going to take a picture of myself every Monday in the same outfit. 
Here are the shots from this Monday.

The shirt isn't something I usually (or nearly ever) wear. Hoping to see results! I'm down 2 pounds since last week. Yes, I actually bought a scale, which is a big step for me considering all of the body image issues I had in high school. 

Oh! The weather here has been all over this place. Last week it was insanely COLD...this week it reached nearly 50 degrees. What gives?

But, I managed to get this shot of the waterfall near the house.

and a cute kid near the waterfall

And this week's meal plan

Monday: We had pulled pork. It was delish!
Tuesday: We actually had leftovers!
Wednesday: Ramen Stir-fry
Thursday: Creamy Burrito Casserole
Friday: Either beef pot pie or pizza, not sure yet
Saturday: Winter Soup
Sunday: Chicken Fettucine Alfredo

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