Saturday, January 31, 2015

Girls and Pearls, January Edition

Honestly, this month has been so crazy that I'm surprised we managed to squeeze in a hot chocolate date. But, we did.

At the last possible minute.

We just grabbed some hot chocolate and I had a salad, which was my first complete meal of the day. (I told you, it's been busy)

A few days ago, I saw the cutest dragonfly infinity scarf on sale at Rose's. I bought two today, one for me and one for Ella.

We're pretty cute, I think :)
Yes, we're both wearing pearls. She's wearing a pearly headband and I'm wearing pearl earrings.

We some hot chocolate and talked about life today. It's not often that we don't have something to do, or someplace to go. Sometimes, the simple stuff is just the best :) Happy meals, fries, and time together :)

Ella loves our matching scarves. She says it's a way for us to honor her big sis :)

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