Sunday, January 11, 2015

General Chaos Update

The weather here has been pretty awful. Cold. Snow. Insane windchills. So, I've not had anything fun to update this blog with.

*We are still stoveless. Blah. It's hard to move a stove into a house when there's the danger of you slipping on ice and the stove crushing you. Just saying!

* We've taken in another cat, part time. This is Butterscotch. She and Sparrow are um, working on an agreement. Sparrow is set in her ways and for now, Butterscotch isn't a part of the routine.

*We've gotten a new fish to replace the one we lost. Meet Hawkeye.

*Due to a recent health scare (which turned out to be nothing, Praise God!) I'm back on the weightloss train. Also, I'm severely cutting back on caffeine (which kind of scares me....) Pray for me. Pray for my poor husband who will be seeing the fallout from a somewhat decaffeinated wife ;)

*Speaking of husbands....Gabe and I celebrated 10 years of being together!!! We've been through some pretty rough stuff together, but he is truly a blessing from God!

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