Friday, July 25, 2014

Tidbits from this week

Yay!!!!: My oldest sister Gosia found out she is getting promoted to pharmacy manager. She has come so far and deserves every bit of recognition she gets. So proud of her!!

Thank Goodness: Gabe's co-worker took in Beaky and Sneaky (formerly Faith and Blessing). We were somewhat sorry to see them go, but they now have a wonderful forever home. How fast they grew!!!

New Arrival: My nephew arrived last Friday, and he is beautiful. I won't post pics for the privacy of my sister in law, but let me assure you that he is gorgeous.

And it continues: Our selfie tradition. This morning we took a particularly awful picture, but I figure one day when we're really REALLY old, we'll laugh at this. Maybe.

Accomplished!: I get to cross another food off my bucket list. I conquered the porcupine meatballs! Gabe says they were awesome. I'm just glad they were edible. :)

How cool is this?:  My next door neighbor, Denise, and I started a kitchen swap. For some fresh basil, some canned mushrooms, macaroni and cheese and rice, I got....

Vegetarian veggie broth, Campbell's noodle soup (don't judge, hubby likes it), turkey gravy (for open-faced turkey sandwiches when I am lazy) and some other things. Yay! Denise and I have officially found a new tradition: the pantry swap!

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