Friday, July 4, 2014

Tidbits from this week

YES!: I figured I will start with this. Dad had some tests run this week, and doctors CANNOT FIND A TRACE OF CANCER ANYWHERE. Praise God! Dad doesn't have to see the inside of a doctor's office until September. Also, Dad's officially a resident of Adams, WI. Two days before he left, there was a tornado near him. Dad ended his Illinois residency with a bang!

Prayers, please: Gabe and I are discussing something pretty life-changing for our little family. Major prayers are needed. Thank you.

It's about time: Ella is starting guitar lessons. Her love affair with the guitar began when she was fairly young....

...and it continues
New duds: It's no big secret that Ella and I like shopping at Rose's/Maxway. Their prices are great, they have jeans that fit my skinny kid, and they carry a wide variety of Christian T-shirts. See?

More great news: My oldest sister just passed one of the hardest pharmacy tests she's ever had to take. Yes!

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